Valentine’s Resolutions

Whose ridiculous idea was it to make any meaningful decisions about life and such at the beginning of the darkest, coldest, wettest, slushiest month of the year, huh? The objective has to be to get through January, preferably with a blanket, a hot water bottle, a month’s supply of chocolate and a thick book – you know the type, with pages that smell of adventure!

It is my humble view that decisions of any productive nature are best left to later in the year – say, the time that spring bulbs battle their way through the sodden earth and declare their intent to be something spectacular round about May. The time we brighten up with red hearts and overpriced roses because we can’t stand the dreich grey February-ness for another moment.

Image result for spring bulbs pushing through

Which brings me to my point. No, I’m not going to ask any of you to be my Valentine – I’ve got one already.  I’m making my resolution, declaring my intent. How long have I observed blogging, longingly and from a distance? Too long!

Time to be bold, I say. Declare it loud. I am a blogger – as of today. Maybe it’ll be something spectacular, somewhere down the line. But for now, like the bulbs, I’m pushing through…


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