Having a Go…

Having a go…

‘Determination’ and ‘tenacity’? For most of us they are not necessarily the words which spring to mind when describing ourselves.

But ‘Having a go…’

Now, that’s much more like it!

For those of you who are (aspiring) writers like myself, why not have a go at these opportunities?

“For love is the creator and cruelty is that which destroys”

“The secret loveliness and laughter in things”

“The extra magic of distance”

I think I’ve got a decent idea for one, but whether I manage to get it to work on paper is quite a different matter. Closing date is 2nd of March.

Surely, having a go is the only way to make sure that – just maybe – it could all happen. Today might be the day that email comes. Tomorrow might be the day the phone rings with the news I’ve been waiting for.

The only way I can guarantee that it won’t happen?

By not having a go at all.


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