World Book Day: Bliiiiiind Date (with a book!)

You all knew it was World Book day today, right?

I knew you would. Just in case you need an idea for a book-themed activity, I went into my children’s school this morning to do a Book Blind Date game show. The kids, all upper primary, really loved it. Here’s how it worked.

  1. Pick a contestant in search of a book to fall in love with. Send out of the room.
  2. Have three other good readers pick a book each from a selection. They will speak on behalf of the book in their hand.
  3. Prime the audience to cheer as you put up a screen and invite your contestant back in. A theme tune of sorts helps. The audience should be able to see the contestant and all three readers, but they should be separated by the screen.
  4. The contestant asks three questions (best scripted) which the readers will answer for their books.
  5. On the basis of this information, the contestant should choose the book he/she thinks sounds most attractive. Audience to clap and cheer as they come face to face for the first time.

Here are a few questions I wrote to get you started:

Book Blind Date questions:

Game One

  1. I am easily swayed by first impressions. I like a book that grabs me right from the off. How would your first paragraph persuade me to read on?
  2. I normally go for _________________ books. How would you describe yourself in one or two words? What kind of book are you?
  3. It is said that you should never judge a book by its cover. But I do. In a few words, describe your cover and explain why I should choose you.

Game Two

  1. The blurb on the back should give me some idea if you’re my kind of book. Read your blurb out in a way that will tempt me!
  2. I do like a bit of action in the books I choose. Are you action-packed, funny, informative? Choose a word to describe yourself.
  3. Books can take me to other times or places. Are you such a book? Where will you take me?

Game Three

  1. Some books help you learn something. What would you teach me?
  2. Some books are quick to read, some take ages. Are you slim or a bit of a heavyweight?
  3. I’m open to persuasion, even if you’re not the book I’d normally go for. In a sentence, convince me to choose you!

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