From the Mouths of Babes

Picture the scene. I sit in the front of the car, clawing onto the steering wheel and trying to zone out the increasingly vitriolic exchanges between Oldest Teenager and Ten-Year-Old. The drive to Athletics (Teenager) and whistle lesson (Ten-Year-Old) stretches and stretches, trapped our own negativity bubble.

Finally, I crack.

“Right, you two, I’ve had enough! ” My head spins round to stare them out for as long as road safety allows. “Each of you, right now, say something nice to the other person. Do it!” I practically spit.

Brief contemplative pause.

Teenager to Ten-Year-Old: “Your face isn’t quite as ugly as it usually is.”

Ten-Year-old to Teenager, without hesitation: “You haven’t got any dumber in the last ten seconds.”

Another brief pause.

Then riotous laughter from front and back. Bubble burst. Job done.

I am going to have to use that bit of dialogue in something!


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