Hitting the Road…

s2370043[2]No blog posts for a while? Yes, you’re right – for the simple reason that this is one of these times of the year when the day job takes over.

Yes, I’m a teacher! So – a new timetable has begun, I’m putting the finishing touches to teaching materials I’m about to use for the first time, we’re doing a whole school show next week and I’m taking my puppetry club on the road. Yes, you heard right: puppetry club.

It’s literally a drama company in miniature: eight teenagers and my colleague and me, and we’re having a blast! During the years I had a puppetry business  I rediscovered how much I enjoyed writing short, snappy plays which children would love. But that’s not all – you’re acting, but without anyone looking at you. It’s set design on a shoe-string, its crafty prop-masking and music and sound and lighting, all rolled into one and squeezed into a narrow booth 2 metres high. What’s not to love?

Three groups, three plays, performed one after the other to nurseries and P1 classes in our feeder primaries.

How very rock’n roll!

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