Go See!

Just now and again, you end up surprised.

In a good way!

Sure, I expected a trip to London with Oldest Teenager to be fun. It was the best kind of birthday present to give– the sort of present that is just as enjoyable for you as it is for the recipient. Flying to London for a weekend from Inverness is an extravagance, of course, but the YHA at St Paul’s is already such a firm favourite that there is no stress involved at all. Bag abandoned, we were ready to  eat and shop and walk and walk and walk …

Hours later and with aching feet, we collapsed into our seats at the Phoenix Theatre – I thought I was exhausted. Well, I hadn’t counted on the rejuvenating effect of a truly wonderful, well-put-together, tightly choreographed show, delivered with an explosion of energy and colour. Oldest Teenager  had always loved the film Bend it Like Beckham, but the musical is more than a match for it, even featuring professional women footballers to deliver the wow-effect in terms of silky skills. My 4.30 am start to the day was all but forgotten!

Until we got lost on the way to Holborn and had a mutual sense of humour failure, that is. But that comes with the territory, doesn’t it?

Seriously, if you are in London, or near it, or even nowhere near London at all – rush to see Bend it Like Beckham immediately!


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