Home is Where the Pen is…

Max Gate, a former residence of Dorset writer Thomas Hardy, now run by the National Trust. Fancy being Writer-in-residence here?

Just in case there are more flexible writers than me out there – I’m kind of tied to the Highlands for the time being.

Typical – I wrote this as a wee freelance news submission for a magazine, only to realise the date for applications falls before the next edition of the mag! I’ll learn, promise!

Three charities have joined forces to bring a new writing initiative to the South West. Literature Works, the National Trust and The Poetry Archive have created two separate Writing Places House Project residencies which are now open to applications: Thomas Hardy’s residences in Dorchester and Coleridge’s Cottage in Somerset. Each residency comes with a £4000 stipend and a fixed 3-month contract between July and November, although successful applicants can negotiate specific dates. Their responsibilities will include readings, workshop-style activities, open days and blog entries, but writers will retain copyright of any work they create during the residency.


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