Mind Games…

Anyone looking for a really unusual activity for those summer weeks? A project to keep teenagers amused, perhaps? A creative outlet for you alone? Bit of techy-savvy film wizardry? All of the above…?

Well! Have I got an idea for you!

Author Teri Terry (I know – really, that’s her name!) has launched a competition, open to anyone at all, to make a trailer for her new novel for teenagersĀ Mind Games. The Prize? She will come in person to visit the school/library you nominate, do a reading and Q&A event and book signing.

It’s pretty straightforward:

Step 1: Read Mind Games. Obviously. I actually really enjoyed the Slated trilogy, so I look forward to reading this one.

Step 2: Be creative! Make/animate/film a trailer for the book. There are zillions of book trailers on YouTube. Have a look at the one for Slated:


Step 3: Upload to YouTube and post a link to it in a comment on Teri’s blog. All the details are right here:


Go on! Be a trail(er)blazer!

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