Writing Limboland.

There’s no routine in Limboland. Teenagers may sleep till mid-day or rock the kitchen at 8 am; nobody knows which. Places, people, programmes: normality is fenced off with a cracked No Trespassers sign.

Of course, we’re all natives of Run-of-the-mill.

In Run-of-the-mill, we know the deal. There are mealtimes, bedtimes, work times, club times. There is a schedule in Run-of-the-mill, and we stick to it with grateful certainty. We make time here, as if time was ours to make.

But even Run-of-the-mill can be magic. Especially when Run-of-the-mill falls silent and ideas settle, like gentle doves, on the mind.

From here, in the middle of Limboland, Run-of-the-mill looks like the best place on earth. The truth is, as soon as we’re back there we long for Limboland with all its distractions, adventures, encounters. Every day in Limboland is different.

You’re here. Don’t be too quick to dismiss it.

Writer, forget about achieving and making progress and productivity.

Pitch your tent in Limboland. See what you can cook up over bonfire flames.

Look for the eagles soaring wild.


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