Published authors do school visits, right? And even published authors find school visits a bit scary, I hear.

What if you’re not published yet?

What if you’re going to do a school visit to the same class every week?

And what if you haven’t even written the book yet?WP_20150823_21_46_15_Pro

The deal is, I’m struggling with putting together the crime novel for kids I started thinking about some time ago, so I needed a bit of pressure. Every Friday afternoon, I’m going to read a couple of chapters to two classes at my local primary school. By the week after, I need to have written the next chapters or it will feel like a VERY long afternoon.

Really, it did seem like quite a good idea at the time. They get an insight into the writing process and I get a chance to test my text on its target audience. Win-Win, surely? I’m about to find out…

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