Writing Priorities

Help! If ever I feel a failure, it’s when I miss an opportunity that will not come around again too soon.  In my desperation to up my game, I’ve decided to create a proper to do list for myself, taking me right through to December. Image result for copyright free images: checklist

Writer for children, you may want to do the same? For starters, here is my semi-ambitious plan:


  • write at least 3 chapters of current work-in progress a week (for me, that’s The Dog-Walking Consortium)
  • by end of October, make all final revisions on the novel I finished but haven’t sent out much – so I CAN send it out.


  • 30 September: New Writing Scotland submission deadline (post only)
  • 30 September: Caterpillar Short Story Prize deadline (children’s magazine fiction)
  • 11 October: Bath Children’s Novel Award deadline
  • 4th November: Scottish Book Trust Next Chapter Award deadline
  • 18th December: Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition deadline

And if fear of failure is snapping at your heels, kick it in the teeth!


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