Title Generator… oh, and a project update!


Stuck for the right title? Want something clever and original while still offering the reader a hint at what the book is about?

Well, let me tell you: I came across a fantastic idea recently (Thank you, Heather Dyer!).

Why not copy and paste your pitch paragraph or even synopsis into a word cloud? The most common key words will be presented in a new and unusual way, allowing you to brainstorm much more freely and combine key words at your leisure. Here is the one I did for my clearances novel. Snapshot_20151002I may yet change the title, as Fir for Luck really gives too little inclination as to what the book is actually about.


The very intuitive website I used was


And a quick update on the Project!

Back at the school today, after a half-term break. I really thought they would have forgotten half of the story, but they were all remarkably switched on, and I got a chance to really enjoy myself.

We are beginning to build up to the proper crisis in the Dog-Walking Consortium, and my young listeners were definitely being drawn in to the crime mystery plotline, just as my main character gets over the worst of his dog-phobia. The first proper cheer came when I announced that, after weeks of petitioning by a couple of very determined listeners, I would replace the chihuahua in my story with a pug. The young man who had written ‘please put a pug in it!’ on every one of his feedback post-its grew about two inches before our very eyes. If I can make a child happy so easily…

Nothing at all to do with the fact that ‘pug’ is much quicker and easier to type.

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