What Next?

This was it – the final moment. The final sentence of the manuscript left my mouth and my fist punched the air. I hadn’t expected it to be quite like that – dizzying relief and a final surge of adrenaline, both at once. It felt good!WP_20151106_14_17_51_Pro[1]

Of course, it does feel good to finish something, especially something that you’re proud of.  But in some senses, the hard work is only just beginning. I need to re-read, re-evaluate, re-think. I need to work out a pitch, a submission letter, hone the synopsis. So much to do…

But first I need to ask my audience how they feel about the characters, the setting, the pace, the plot twists. The ending is always tricky to get right. Is it satisfying? Does it leave any questions unanswered? If you had to sum up what the book is about  in a sentence, how would you describe it to a friend? Have you read any other books which are a bit like this one? Which character did you find easiest to imagine? Was there a particular scene you could picture clearly? 

The classes who listened are the experts now. No-one knows this manuscript; no-one has gone through the highs and lows with my main character – apart from the children and myself. Now that I sweat over the editing, these kids are my greatest resource.

They get it.

And they are the only ones who do. From the mouths of babes…

My final feedback shouldn’t be too long in coming…

One thought on “What Next?

  1. Reblogged this on crownp6 and commented:
    In P6 we were incredibly fortunate to have Mrs Henderson give us an insight into what life is like as a writer. What a great experience it was to see a manuscript come to life and evolve in front of our eyes. Fridays just won’t be the same! It is now our turn to devote some time and effort to provide Mrs Henderson with some quality feedback. Have a look and get familiar with the post above as we will be looking at some key questions this week in class and at home.


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