Mea Culpa – I Owe You Two Quotes!

I have an excuse, I tell myself – I have a job, and that job will sometimes take over life a bit – like last night, when prelim marking wasn’t done until almost 2 in the morning. Next week, there won’t be prelims, but I will still have three children. I have an excuse, I tell myself. I’m busy with the family. Now and again, I become a little less blind to the housework that needs doing. I’ll just tackle this little job, and then I’ll write, I kid myself on.

But to me, nothing quite beats the feeling of having created something from nothing. Not just marks on paper, but stories, that most amazing thing of all, in my own mind, and hopefully – in time – in the minds of others. Time well spent!

And here’s to another quote

“I’ve heard tell that what you imagine sometimes comes true.”
Grandpa Joe
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

So, I’m cautiously beside myself with excitement. A publisher asked for the whole manuscript of one of my novels about a week ago. Yesterday they emailed to say they wanted to meet. 

Of course, it may all come to nothing. It probably will come to nothing. But still…

Grandpa Joe said…




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