My little one’s coming up for a year…


I remember it all: the painful experience bringing this blog into the world. I wasn’t quite a dinosaur, but let’s say, a bit wary of the whole online presence thing. But all my friends were in that next phase of their lives, with lively little online presences bouncing all around, and my writerly clock was ticking. Right, I thought. If they can do it, I can do it. And so my first blog post  was born. Messy it was, but loved. How proud I was, inviting family and friends to take a look and dressing it up in fonts and  colours to impress them.

This was my other baby, age one in 2006

So I did my best to keep it alive, fed it with news and pictures and happy writing thoughts. I set up play dates with other blogs, with Twitter and Facebook. And my little blog made friends. There were the first handful of followers and I remember the first moments like photos in an album. My first comment from someone I didn’t know (Cas – you’re it!). My first American follower, my highest number of views, my most popular post…the list goes on!

The wonderful thing is, my little blog has grown in more than numbers. I’ve grown as a writer, connected with others in ways I might never have if I hadn’t branched into this Brave New World. The world in which we all nurse our little projects and try to grow our creativity.

And soon there’ll be more, I hope. There’s something in the pipeline I’m incredibly excited about. More very soon! But until then…

Happy birthday, wee one!


4 thoughts on “My little one’s coming up for a year…

  1. Even though I don’t write – I love your wee blog – well done on keeping it going – and that is the cutest pic of Duncan and it reminds us how quick life passes 😊


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