Countdown: One Day To Go

So, we’re reaching the end of the countdown! But just as we’re counting down in days, we’re going up with clues – see what I’m doing here?

(*winks and nods meaningfully*)

So, even though it’s only ONE day till lift-off, there will be three clues  today . To be honest, I’d be astounded if anyone worked the whole thing out, but I’m told geniuses do walk among us – and it may be you!

First, though, the obligatory quote about the number ONE. There were loads of contenders – writing history is positively awash with intelligent musings on that number. Twain, Fitzgerald, Hemingway – I considered them all. But in the end, Neil Gaiman won out for pure simple wisdom:

ONE word at a time.

It’s what I’m doing now, it’s what I’ll be doing later, and most of you will be the same at some point soon.

Let’s not make the process what it isn’t.

We are NOT writing a novel today. At most, we may try to write a short story, a poem, even a chapter.

But what we do, even as we begin, is write one word after another. And one word at a time means that we’re succeeding in writing. I must try not to forget that.

And without further ado, let’s move on to our clues:

Good Luck!WP_20160226_09_52_22_Pro



A hut on fire at night.


4 thoughts on “Countdown: One Day To Go

    1. Wow – we’ll see tomorrow if you’re right. It certainly is my favourite place on earth, and ‘the word’s end’ is what that place feels like! Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it! In my head, I’ve spent a lot of time at that place.


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