The day I’ve been waiting for: I can reveal that I’ve signed a publication contract with Cranachan Publishing!

My children’s novel called Fir for Luck will be published later in the year under their Pokey Hat imprint.

The novel is set during the 19th Century Highland Clearances:

What if a 12-year old girl was the first person to see the officer approaching with the eviction writ? And what if she chose to fight?

I can’t wait to see how the book turns out – the first of my babies (manuscripts in drawers) to see the light of day!

So, let’s clear up all the clues: The recipe book and food pictures in the clues all pointed to Cranachan, the fir sprig was a nod to the title of the novel. Finally, the location landscape picture is the very place the story is set, Ceannabeinne – just east of Durness on the North coast. The burning house is a hint at the violent Strathnaver Clearances which also feature in the book.

I plan to blog about each part of the publication process, from first publisher response to publication day, under the title ‘The Ride’. I’d love you to follow and be part of it.

Still, only around six weeks ago, I was the person who clapped by the sidelines as my writing friends revealed their triumphs: signing with an agent, making this shortlist, winning that accolade; and I was genuinely, genuinely happy for them, while also secretly wondering if it would ever happen for me.

By the way, that’s not the same as jealousy. It simply means there was a tension in what I was feeling : delight for them, and yet a longing to have what they had, not instead of them but with them.

Which basically just means, don’t give up – I’d love you all with me.



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