The Ride (5):More Fun in a Crowd

I pressed the button last week. The SEND button: my as-far-as-I-am-concerned– finished manuscript is now in the capable hands of the Cranachan editors. For the time being, I can breathe easy and enjoy the momentum while publication and book launches edge nearer and nearer…

And not just for me!

One of the parts of the Ride I’ve enjoyed the most is that Clan Cranachan is beginning to feel like a proper crowd. Not just a proper crowd, but the best kind of crowd: supportive, like-minded, buzzing alongside each other and for each other. And I’m no artist, but I had a go at reflecting what it feels like to be on the Ride together. Holidays, eh?

full cartoon
Clan Cranachan – the authors announced so far: Dickson Telfer, Michelle Sloan, me, Helen MacKinven and John K Fulton. Wheeeeee!


The first to be announced was Dickson Telfer, followed by Michelle Sloan from Dundee for her wartime children’s novel (she also has a picture book coming out for Kelpies in July)!

I was next, clinging on hard to the back of her seat – Michelle is launching her novel a few weeks ahead of me and I am going to do everything in my power to be there and clap from the sidelines.

Then came the announcement of Helen MacKinven, author of Talk of the Toun (Thunderpoint) and to be published by Cranachan with her new novel (don’t we all wish we’d thought of that title) Buy Buy Baby!

And just a couple of days ago, The Wreck of the Argyll (Cargo) author John K Fulton had his Twitter-blizzard of buzz, joining Clan Cranachan with his children’s novel The Beast on the Broch, set during Pictish times. My own Fir for Luck is in exceedingly good company. And the first wagon is off!

So yes, there will be screaming, and painful clawing of fingernails into handrails. But even now, the Ride has been worth the wait, and I am excited for more and more writer friends to join us.

You know who you are. Fingers crossed for you all!


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