The Ride (11) Faster! Faster!

Just when you think you’re done, eh! I was relaxing there, writing bits and pieces and breathing deeply. Take a wee play-writing competition called Pint-sized Plays – I had a go putting something together for that, and you know, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

But hey, I almost forgot – I’m still on the Ride, right?

A couple of days ago I was reminded of that when the first section of Fir for Luck’s *final edits* came in – a list of detailed, perceptive and (I hate to say it) mostly justified comments on what needs fixing in my manuscript. The kind Anne from Cranachan even gave up an hour of her Sunday afternoon to talk me through various formatting mysteries which have bamboozled me since the dawn of time. Resolve restored, I’m going to hit it with a vengeance on Wednesday. I actually can’t wait until the whole thing is done; such an exciting process. Clinging on hard.

speed camera Icon by tobiasluko

Plus there’s a whole new vista of new things coming up in the next week or two which will make the Ride more exciting!

I’m heading to an event about promoting you book in Edinburgh, for example.

I’ll meet lots of writers and book bloggers for lunch on another day, followed by catching up with the lovely Cranachan team.

After that I’ll have a few days to gear up to XPO North on the 7th and 8th of June, with a meeting about relaunching the Inverness Book Festival thrown in for good measure.

The following Saturday we’ll head up the road to Sutherland to film some footage for the book trailer on location, with a carful of extras and a lovely borrowed redhead for an authentic Janet! I have rarely been so excited about a road trip in my life, even if I’m still to decide what exactly we will be filming! I need to source period dress from the local museum and the National Trust for Scotland (please please say yes…). The main sound effect is already sorted though – the National 5 Drama class at Eden Court recorded a spectacular confrontation featuring the Sherriff officer and the Ceannabeinne women. Chuffed!

Finally, there will be the first meeting of an Inverness SCBWI hub, an organisation for writers and illustrators of children’s books.

Well, well, well – this ride is getting faster and faster.

And when I see it listed like that it sounds a bit mad. But you can’t get off a ride halfway through – you ‘ve got to go with it.

Poor abandoned housework, poor day job, hold on tight for a few more weeks. Hang in there!




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