My COVER REVEAL! Here it is, as featured on the Paisley Piranha blog. Thank you so much for hosting.


FFL eBook cover FINALThe remote North coast of Scotland, 1841 – the Highland clearances are underway and feisty 12-year-old Janet is the only one standing between her village and the eviction writ.

She chooses to fight.

But that split-second decision may cost her everything: her home, her family – even her life.

Barbara Henderson’s first book, ‘Fir For Luck’, is published by Cranachan Books on 21st September 2016. We are delighted to reveal her brilliant cover here!

The cover from the writer’s perspective:

Newsflash: I’m delighted with the cover for Fir for Luck.

It was an interesting and exciting process for me who, as a debut novelist, had never done this before. The subject of the novel (the Highland Clearances) automatically evoke so many images: miserable people dragging their few sodden belongings behind them. Crowded boats, bound for an uncertain future in the New World, houses reduced to rubble. Fire, as the villagers’ houses…

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