The Ride (17) Book Post

So, today was another high of the Ride. I don’t know how often I had dreamt of it – holding my own book in my hand, professionally bound, beautifully presented, ready to be presented to the masses for their verdict (gulp).

At long last, the parcel arrived. I knew it was likely to come today – a handful of lovely book bloggers had already tweeted pictures of their book post.

Bookpost 3Bookpost 2Bookpost Anna


I’ll not lie, my postie took his time today – but eventually it arrived. I unwrapped it slowly, taking in the beautiful green tissue paper, the tartan tag, the Cranachan stationary… even a packet of shortbread! All the while, my son pointed the i-pad camera my way for a time-lapse video. I held it up, proudly, wishing it could stay as pristine and shiny forever. My son pressed the button to finish and I tidied the table and sat down to check the footage.

Turns out he only recorded my tidying of cereal packets!

Oh well. I took a photo instead! Here you have it.


I blogged a little while ago about this: detail is something that doesn’t come naturally to me. I have to discipline myself to do detail. But today’s book post showed me that detail does matter. It really does.

I’m sure if I’d received Fir for Luck as a hard copy, wrapped in a bin liner and stamped with congealed dust, it still would have been one of the best days of my life. But with THIS book post, Cranachan have gone the extra lightyear, making sure that my book feels like a treasure, something to be cherished and taken care of and loved. As the author, of course I already feel that to some degree, but I’m very aware of my flaws as a writer.

That book, as it slid smoothly out from the package, and accompanied by shortbread and a beautiful sprig, looked flawless.

For those of you who want to know, the usual Quick Catch-up:

  • The second version of the book trailer went back to Ross the film man. We hope to get the trailer out by the end of August. An amazingly kind harp maker on Skye allowed me to use his music for free!
  • I am in the middle of organising the blog tour, around publication date, when reviews and author guest posts will tour around book bloggers’ sites. Can’t wait for that!
  • The Pokey Hat catalogue is out with the three Yesteryear books featured. It’s a thing of beauty!
  • In the middle of all this happening, I am desperately trying to get a new work-in-progress going. I’ll be a historical novel like Fir for Luck, but set in Victorian Inverness. More soon.

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