The Ride(18): Shrine? Blog Tour?

Oh, my goodness – Life on the Ride has been so crazy lately that I’ve not even had time to blog about it.

I have my physical copy now, of course.

What does one do with the first actual physical copy of the book? I considered building a wee shrine of course, with spotlights and soft music playing…candles maybe? I left my copy on the desk with a note beside, saying Have You Washed Your Hands? – the obvious thing to say when you have three kids.

However, it wasn’t long before I started to treat it as a book.

My book’s default habitat: handbag

It began to live in my handbag, as friends wanted to take a look at my proof copy.


Meeting with SCBWI friends in Edinburgh. Elizabeth Ezra, in the grey top, has just won the Kelpies Prize!
My SCBWI friends in Edinburgh passed it round, and by now it has been touched by a hundred hands. It’s a book. It’s a special book to me, but it is a book!



Then there was a blog tour to organise, liaising with different book bloggers and assigning slots.

The idea behind a blog tour is to generate a bit of online buzz, as a small publisher never really gets the limelight in big bookstore initiatives like the Waterstones Book of the Month. Books from small publishers also rarely make it onto the tables in bookshops, which are dominated by titles published by the Big Five. So effectively, you have to come up with a different way. Your shop window is an online one.

I was told all this months ago.

Problem! I thought. I knew no book bloggers. Asking around yielded one or two, but the way forward was to join the Book Connectors Facebook group where bloggers and writers meet. I also attended a lunch in Edinburgh (as I mentioned before on the Ride). Bingo, three more bloggers were happy to receive a copy, review it and be part of the blog tour. A couple of fellow writers offered to host guest posts…it was coming together. But this still left all the children’s book bloggers out there whom I simply didn’t know. Rather than only begging individually, I put out a general tweet pitching the book to children’s book bloggers at large, and guess what: I came across a lovely, interested bunch of reviewers who actually wanted to take a look. There is no guarantee they’ll like it, of course, but at least now I have a decent handful of stops and a blog tour as diverse and spread out as my potential readers. Result!FFL Blog Tour Image

(I’m already apologising in advance, because anyone in my general Blog/Facebook/Twittersphere will be hit by a Tsunami of Fir-for Luck related bits and bobs. Brace yourselves, folks!)

In other news…

  • I have ordered some (erm, a lot of) bookmarks.FFL Bookmark Back
  • I have learned to set up a Facebook event – no, don’t judge me! I have just never had the need for one before…
  • The Book Trailer is *DONE*. Watch this space, it’ll hit the big wide world really soon!
  • I have a few more events sorted out – I’ll add details to my website as and when they are all confirmed, but I was over the moon to hear that Durness Primary School, the school closest to where my book is set, are planning to study the Highland Clearances this term – and they are using my book!

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