The Ride(19) The Trailer is Out!!!!

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

I’m a sucker for book trailers. I even persuaded my wee drama group at school to take part in a book trailer competition a while back – and we won! So it goes without saying that, when I got a book deal for Fir for Luck, I started speculating about my very own book trailer.

It does help if you’ve got contacts, of course. Up-and-coming filmmaker Ross Wiseman ( is a family friend, and he was my first port of call. I can’t pay you a lot, I said, but I’d love you to help me make a trailer. And he agreed. Plans and a draft screenplay began to clutter up my desk, and he agreed to come up from Glasgow and head north with us. In case you are interested, here are just a few exclusive snaps from the day.

Ross in action, filming close-ups with our model for Janet, my main character. Rachael is a family friend.
Taking a break from running up and down the hill with my daughter Isla (they are friends) and our bemused dog.

It soon became obvious that hurtling down the hill at lightning speed is my daughter Isla’s particular superpower. The final footage is a mixture of hers and Rachael’s feet. You’d never have known, would you now?

The fantastic sound effects of the confrontation were actually recorded by my oldest daughter Carla and her Nat5 drama class at Eden Court Theatre. Great work, guys.

And the harp music at the beginning? I found a YouTube clip of a piece of music I liked, and kind Skye harp maker William MacDonald ( allowed me to use it!

So there you have it – an exclusive insight into the making of Fir for Luck’s book trailer.


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