The Ride (20):The Wait

All my Advanced Review copies of Fir for Luck went out what feels like a lifetime ago. Scattered across England, Scotland, Ireland, even Canada, book bloggers and reviewers are hidden away in their reading closets. I had never given this a second’s thought, but it’s actually quite unsettling for the writer.

For the first time, my precious baby (henceforth referred to as Fir for Luck!) is out in the big bad world, all by itself!

It will need to make sense to readers, without me standing nearby, ready to jump in: ‘Oh, that bit. Yeah, what it means is …’ or ‘You see, what I was trying to do there was…’  Of course, that makes me worry even more. I’ve been choosing my readings for the book launch, and you begin to second-guess every single thing. You read it and read it and read it again, and by the end of it you wonder whether there is a single coherent sentence in this book that you’d be able to read out loud. Think I’m joking – just google writer self-doubt, and I’m sure you’d find plenty of examples of people who felt exactly like me.

Unhappily, this coincides with the very time that the final copy has gone to print and it is the writer’s job (alongside my super-supportive publishers) to whip up some sort of public interest in the book ahead of its launch. In other words, just when you’re feeling most vulnerable about your writing, that’s when you have to sell it with all your heart. Hmmmm.

Which is why I was so heartened by a couple of tweets I discovered the other night. I had not thought about this, but it seems natural, on reflection, that book bloggers talk to one another. Of course it makes sense.


So, despite the fact that no review has actually appeared yet (the official blog tour doesn’t start till later in the month – see last blog post!) I can breathe a little more easily. Thank you for the clues, bloggers! Maybe things are going to be ok…

PS The book trailer has had 269 views so far… really happy with that!



2 thoughts on “The Ride (20):The Wait

  1. Things will be way more than alright, Barbara. They will be extraordinary!

    Funnily enough I’ve just written a blog article about writers and self-doubt, among other things. It seems to be a creative’s curse!


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