Fir for Luck by Barbara Henderson

Another really good review – I feel very lucky!

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Published by Cranachan, 2016.

Fir for Luck is based on real life events and is set during the Highland Clearances of 1841 with flashbacks to the Clearances of 1814. Before I read the book, I had no knowledge of this period in Scottish history and so I’ve found the story particularly fascinating. During the Higland Clearances landowners threw tenants off their land so that they could turn it over to sheep farming instead. It was a particularly brutal time; homes were torched, violence was freely used and some of the tenants were killed. The tenant families were given very short notice and little consideration was given to where they might live instead.

The story is told through the eyes of twelve year old Janet who lives in the tiny village of Ceannabeinne. Janet is a terrific heroine. She’s brave, quick-thinking, adventurous and loyal but she’s also headstrong and defiant. This combination makes her a…

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