NBF (4) First Full Day

Another blow-by blow account! Find all the hidden gossip in here.

6.30 Start the day by walking dog and fretting oveer finding the thick metal chain I normally use as a visual aid for my events. Where is the stupid thing?

7-8 am Getting family ready for the day while looking out NessBookFest gear to wear, my (Mwahahah) Masterplan (who is in charge where when…). Still no sign of chain.

8.45 Carrying huge screen down to library with my fellow volunteer and NessBookFest houseguest Susan Mansfield (there is a bit of Buster Keaton about this). The thing is much heavier and more awkward than we thought. Bit of a struggle since I’m also carrying titanic backpack with dressing up for eight children and almost 30 books of Fir for Luck to sell. Plus a big flask, sandwiches for authors and volunteers for the day…you get the idea.

My NessBookFest favourite fact: The screen was borrowed from the Baptist Church, the projector came from the Humanist Society.

9.10-10.40 At library, the room is roasting. Real concern I might spontaneously combust. Relief when Drama student in charge of Dramatic Tales turns up, with giant papier-mach dragon head and other stuff.

10.45 Swift handover to two classes from Cradlehall for my own event – kids are really engaged. So much fun! Even without the missing chain!15052032_10154569867586217_1338298672_o

12.00 Illustration workshop was a real success, despite Drew Hillier feeling awful and heading straight to bed after. Late cancellation for Creative writing workshop meant a smaller event with Miko Berry, but such is life.

Lunch with volunteers, celebrating that Susan and Alicia have got the booking link to open again – we had time-limited it without realising. Another deep sigh of relief after what felt like a real wobbly.

14.00 Dog-walk and cooking dinner at home – feels nice to do something normal.

16.00 Back at the library for Jan Patience and Lou Wyllie’s event – and a super, engaged crowd asking knowledgeable questions. Feel like I’ve actually learned something, and very entertaining it was, too.

17.45 Sprint home for speedy family-feeding -frenzy…

6.45 …Before heading out again to Claire Mackay’s Outlander Herbalism event at Velocity, one of my favourite places on earth. Met a lovely bunch of readers who have probably broken the internet with their super-enthusiastic NessBookFest sharing. Was nice to thank them in person.

8.45 And that’s a wrap! Encouraging texts arrive from fellow committee members who say the Gaelic Poetry event and the Music event were also a success.

All that remains is clearing the debris at home, watching news and writing another blog post – this one!

And now sleep, for this naNoWriMo failure! But hey, I’ve been kind of busy today!






2 thoughts on “NBF (4) First Full Day

  1. Sounds like you are kind of busy…but enjoying yourself!! Take care, have breaks, unwind with the dog …. Los of love to everybody Ricarda


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