NessBookFest 2016: A Sample

A very lovely blog post from my colleague, fellow writer, and most importantly, friend: Aoife Lyall!

Aoife Lyall


NessBookFest.  Simply put, an entire literary festival lovingly put together at dizzying speed with wonderful finesse by Barbara Henderson and a host of determined and enthusiastic  volunteers.

My original plan was to visit pretty much every event I could get my hands on.  The Fates, being unhappy with such prolific literary indulgence, decided to use illness to rein me in, so herewith you’ll find a small sample of what was on offer.

Thursday- The Launch- Waterstones

The festival officially launched on Thursday, 10th November, at Waterstones Inverness, whose calendar of literary events seems to grow by the week.  Arriving a couple of minutes late, I decided to sneak quickly and quietly around the back, only to be ushered via microphone to one of two empty seats in the front row.  So much for subtlety.  Luckily Barbara was on hand to get things going, explaining the genesis of the festival…

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