2016. A Year of Firsts

So it’s December, and the usual row rages: who is included on the list of finalists for BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Why him? Why not her?Image result for sports personality of the year

I suppose it’s a natural time to look back a little; to reflect and evaluate.

It’s no secret that 2016 was a very exciting year for me: Image result for clipart FirstMy first publication contract. My first book out there. My first book signing, my first book launch, my first editing process with actual publishers. My first #SCBWI conference, my first #BookWeekScotland. My first Book Festival as committee chair (for NessBookFest). My first venture into Twitter. My first paid gig as a writer. My first book trailer. My first radio interview. 

When I look back, New Year’s resolutions have always played quite an important part at moving me on to the next stage. I’m the sort of person who needs the proverbial kick. I can even administer it myself – I can be pretty self-motivated if I need to be, but it has to be a kick nonetheless. Last year’s resolution was to stop fighting it and join Twitter. The hovering deadline then was the XPO North Pitching contest. I signed up, pitched my work and in a roundabout way, it did yield a publication contract. It certainly has been worth the effort multiple times over!

Many years ago I made another new year’s resolution: to finish a novel manuscript by the end of that year. I did it. It’s not my best work, but Rain on the Roof was the start of something for sure. If it wasn’t for that book, none of the rest of them might exist at all. Entering competitions, submitting to agents and publishers – all of these were resolutions of one kind or another, and all of those have served me well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge success story – I have failed in all attempts to curb eating/exercise more! But as a writer, I like fresh starts. New Year is really a deadline like any other. By then I will have an idea of my next goal, the next step, the next proverbial kick.Image result for clipart: kick

And as I ponder that, maybe you will too – and gear up for the next thing, be it big or small. 🙂


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