My 2016 Favourite Books: Or, Why I Haven’t Read Your Book Yet…

I am hugely, hugely honoured to be featured in this round-up of this award-winning blogger’s favourite reads of 2016. Linda WON best book review blog at the Bloggers’ Bash.

Linda's Book Bag


I only began blogging in February 2015 so 2016 was going to be THE YEAR. I would read at least three or four books a week and get the blog really buzzing with reviews.

Well, you know what they say about the road to Hell, and what a hellish year it’s been. I wasn’t even going to compile an annual round up, but then I thought that wasn’t fair to the wonderful authors I have met and read this year, so this blog post is a celebration of the books that have affected me most along with an explanation of why I probably haven’t got round to your book yet, for which apologies. There are so many books I wish I’d read that are sitting on my TBR, but life hasn’t allowed it.


So, the Hill household began 2016 anxiously awaiting the lymph node biopsy results from my husband’s…

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