How to start a trend without knowing it, eh?

Well! Late one night during the Christmas holidays, a tweet pinged in: 


Needless to say, that made my day! I had met Brian once, but had never met his daughter Orla – and what a genius picture! With their permission, I shared it on social media. My publishers, Cranachan, used it in their publicity, too. Something along the lines of ‘send us your #bookface #FirforLuck ‘(they are handy with a hashtag!).

Gauntlet thrown down, I had to pick it up. All right then:


Taken last thing at night after a super-busy day, and after a glass of wine, this seemed like a good idea. Black and white felt like a classy choice at the time (???) – and after all, how bad can a picture be when half your face is covered with a book? Off it flew into cyberspace. Maybe some of my friends would help me out?

Well, I was blown away – and that’s not even all of them – I am so, so grateful! Even as i write this post, I’m interrupted by more pics arriving via message or email, and I absolutely adore each one!

A special place in my heart is reserved for this last one though. Fellow writer Jenny had never taken a selfie before in her life, but she had a go at this. For me. She even covered her head in tartan fabric for Fir for Luck authenticity. I will smile at this pic until the day I die.


Media frenzy? Not yet. But the start of something? Quite possibly. 



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