#Bookface – the publicity campaign that ran itself! Plus, three ways to help the writer friend in your life!

I just wanted to say a monumental thanks to all who had a go at a #FirforLuck #Bookface ! Think of all the fun I can have with these images – and there are a handful more, too. It’s given me lots of fab pictures to share, plus all the print-outs will definitely go up on the wall in my writing room.

You have helped me out enormously!

So, just as it seems timely, I’ll give you three ways to help the writer friend in your life:

  1. Take a happy pic with their book – it communicates more than a thousand words and they can use it again and again to stir up interest in their book. Hey, wait: you’ve already done that!
  2. Write a review on Amazon/Goodreads/Waterstones etc – I can’t stress enough what a difference a good review makes. Your writer friend will be eternally grateful and love you forever.
  3. Share. Take every opportunity to cleverly, subtly and manipulatively weave references to your writer friend’s book into conversations. That way, your writer friend will not feel so alone in doing this. Your friendship will reach a new level of depth and mutual appreciation as you embarrass yourselves together – and enthusiasm is infectious.

So there you have it! I am very lucky to have you all. Thank you! x


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