#WritingQuoteFebruary #13

I have so enjoyed looking out quotes for this blog series! Now and again, you come across something that chimes, something that helps, or an image that sticks.

For me, today’s quote was one of them. At the moment, I am editing a manuscript which, in its essentials, is written and finished. Now for all the clever stuff – hiding things and folding it better, more neatly, so that when readers unfold, they may find something unexpected or interesting. Three cheers for Michael Rosen!

Image result for michael rosen

‘Writing can be a bit like unfolding something…Slowly, the writer reveals what’s happening. But that’s only half of what’s going on. Writers are very cunning people who are not only unfolding and revealing. Just like conjurors and magicians, they are hiding stuff too.’

Michael Rosen


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