#Punch Cover Reveal: Ready…

The week of the PUNCH cover reveal has finally arrived: On Friday 25th August, the wonderful Paisley Piranhas are going to throw the image out into the big bad world. It had to feel classic and timeless at the same time: the perpetual challenge for historical fiction, and particularly so with children’s books.

Smoke belches out through the market entrance.
And me?
I turn and run.
When 12 year-old Phineas is accused of a terrible crime, his only option is to flee. In the unlikely company of an escaped prisoner and a group of travelling entertainers, he enters a new world of Punch and Judy shows and dancing bears. But will Phineas clear his name? And what can he do when memories of a darker, more terrible crime begin to haunt him?

What do you think the cover of this type of story should feature?

I’ll give you  wee hint: it shares a colour scheme (and theme) with this: Image result for red white yellow orange black

(* no product endorsement, obviously)

Get guessing!

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