5 Fuss-Free Last-Minute Ideas for Book Week Scotland

Book Week Scotland is next week! Here are 5 fuss-free ways of celebrating with your school or library.

  1. Run a Book Quiz. Here are some ready-made PowerPoint quizzes about all things kid-lit which I made earlier. They even come with a wee Scottish twist. Quiz 1, Quiz 2 and Quiz 3 are ready to use and come with solutions and instructions.
  2. Battle of the first paragraphs. Wrap ten books in brown paper or newspaper. Number them. Get your class ready to rate them from 1 (boring) to 10 (really intriguing) after listening. Read the opening paragraph out and give children a few seconds to rate the book’s start, then move onto the next one. Finally, establish which book scored the highest and do the big reveal, ripping the temporary covers dramatically from the books. Kids love doing this too. It’s a great way to enthuse young people about books they wouldn’t have picked up, and also offers a good creative writing discussion about what makes for a compelling opening.
  3. Run a Blind Date with a Book show. All you need are some willing volunteers. Here is a script with instructions you can use. To this day, I think it’s the most successful book activity I have done.
  4. Pitch contest. Get pupils to pitch books they have liked in a single tweet. For extra fun, cut out Bird-shapes out of white paper and mount them on a light blue background. Explain hashtags, hooks and compelling word choice and ask someone like the head teacher to judge the competition and if you can, offer a prize. Many pupils will be less daunted by writing concisely.
  5. Book Comics. Here is how to turn a book into a comic. We may be more constrained with costumes just now, but you can add to the hilarity by handing the groups some newspaper they can use to create hats/weapons/whatever they need. Again, this can be a competition if you wish. Bottom line is: have fun. If pupils create three freeze frames per book, why not display them so that the others in the school can guess which book is represented? It can make for a memorable display.

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