BLOG TOUR DAY 2: And the second review is out there…

Another review, on the second day of the blog tour!

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John Fulton posted a review of Fir for Luck on his excellent Chimney Rabbit blog yesterday. Check it out if you like!

Day two also saw me post a piece on location on the same blog – featuring some of my research photographs of the village where Fir for Luck is set. It can be found here!


Stumbling onto Stories by Barbara Henderson – guest post

And the first step on my blog tour is a stumble! A post about the often random way we discover stories. Thanks, Janet Emson!


Today I’m pleased to welcome Barbara Henderson to the blog. Barbara is the author of Fir for Luck, which is published by Pokey Hat on 21 September 2016

Here Barbara talks about stumbling onto stories.

Stumbling onto stories

I don’t know about you, but I stumble a lot.

Being one of nature’s natural clumsy people, I hope I never have to navigate a stair during an awards ceremony or a red carpet in a long dress. I trod on my own wedding dress even though it was only just floor length. I’m a drama teacher, and my dramatic stumbles over the light stands in my studio are legend among my pupils, I’m sure.

But as a writer, stumbling onto stories in one of the greatest pleasures – there you are, making your way through your day in as smooth a way as you can manage, and suddenly…

Suddenly you come across…

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