Reading, Writing and the World of Work

Fantastic, thought-provoking post by Helen MacKinven!

Helen MacKinven

Last Wednesday, I spent the morning at Dalmarnock Primary School in the east end of Glasgow. This wasn’t my first visit to the school as I was there earlier this academic session to deliver training for the teachers in the Reflective Reading programme. But this time, I was there to meet the P7 pupils as part of their World of Work event.
I’d been invited along to chat to the pupils about my ‘job’ as an author. Like most authors, I don’t earn a living from my writing and do other jobs too so I don’t list my main occupation as ‘writer’. But for the purposes of suggesting a diverse range of options to the pupils I was very happy to represent writing as a career choice. I was also keen to take part in the event as Dalmarnock PS is a fabulous school which recently benefited from the Pupil…

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Countdown Clue to the Really Cool Thing: THREE

Ha – something has been brewing, and it’s about to see the light of day!

Now, every really cool thing (and trust me – this is the Mother of All Cool Things!) needs a countdown. Those of you have followed the blog for a wee while will know that I am fond of a clue or two, so here goes:

Image result for countdown three

And here is your first CLUE:Image result for fire clipart

Puzzled? Good! There will be another Countdown Clue tomorrow!